Who we are?

ITnove is a group of software development experts which believe that projects are a source of learning and fun as long as they have an inteligent approach, planning and communication.

We have helped many companies, both big and small, developing product or deliverying projects. We are expert coaches in processes, change management and technology. We do not have sales people, the same person will be with you from the first to the last day of the service to become "part of the team".

ITnove Enterprise Agile (ITEA)

ITnove has acquired more than 10 years of experience in success patterns about methodology and projects delivery. We firmly believe in agility but we do not rule out the "Plain Old Waterfall" when it is the best choice. People should go before processes, but when good processes and automation are in place, teams productivity and quality soar. For all that, our approach is Hybrid Agile and we base our ITEA model in Scrum, Kanban and other frameworks.

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