Scrum Master Advanced

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Fecha de inicio: 
28 de Junio (2018)
Fecha de finalización: 
29 de Junio (2018)
16 horas
9am - 5pm
Idioma del curso: 
1 295,00 € + IVA

Dirección de realización

Passeig de Picasso, 26
08003 Barcelona (Barcelona)
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Descripción del curso


Are you an experienced Scrum Master, and looking for the next steps in your journey? Join Barry Overeem and Christiaan Verwijs for the ‘Scrum Master Advanced’-course; an intense training for experienced Scrum Masters that are looking for the real story.


Why join?

  • “The first real class for Scrum Masters” (according to Scrum.org), which will offer you insights to help your Development Team, Product Owner and organization become (even more) awesome with Scrum;
  • Deepen your understanding of the Scrum values and principles, and learn why they matter in real-life situations;
  • Expand your toolkit with new techniques, games, and practices that you can use right away;
  • Deep-dive into challenging cases and discussions right away; this is possible because all participants have at least one year experiences as a Scrum Master;
  • With our small groups, there is ample opportunity for individual coaching and sharing of knowledge;
  • With tons of exercises, games, and energizers we will keep you from dozing off during two high-energy days. No boring powerpoints. In fact, we will not even be using a beamer;
  • Benefit from the shared experience of two Scrum Masters that have coached hundreds of teams over the years;
  • We will discuss a number of challenging cases that are representative of the PSM-II Assessment by Scrum.org;

What to expect?

  • Reflecting on your journey as a Scrum Master using the ‘8 Stances of a Scrum Master‘;
  • Experiencing several facilitation patterns called ‘Liberating Structures‘, and knowing how to use them yourself to augment your Scrum events;
  • Connecting with other experienced Scrum Masters, and given and receiving coaching on personal challenges;
  • Knowing what it means to be a ‘servant leader‘, and why servant leadership is essential to thrive;
  • Practicing with the meaning of a ‘Done increment‘, and knowing why it is essential to Scrum;
  • Learning how to explain Scrum and Agile to management and how to act as a change agent within your organization;
  • Experiencing several games and exercises that you can use with your Scrum Teams to help them understand aspects of Scrum.

After the training …

  • You are invited to join the Scrum Master Advanced Retrospective – a quarterly meetup in the Netherlands for participants of the course. The Retrospective helps you achieve your learning goals, build networks and learn from other excellent Scrum Masters;
  • You will have made an important step in preparing for your (optional) PSM-II Assessment;
  • You will receive a useful book to further support you in your journey and the materials used during the training;
  • You will become part of a worldwide network of experienced Scrum Masters;

The PSM-II Assessment is not included in the price. When you have previously participated in a Scrum.org Professional Scrum Master-course, you are eligible for a 40% discount. You pay$150,- instead of $250,-.


Who are the trainers?

Barry Overeem is a freelance Scrum Master and Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) at Scrum.org. He is a very active member of the Scrum Community and shares his learnings on conferences, by writing blog posts and organizing meetups. As a Scrum Master, he has coached teams at MN, Schiphol, PGGM, ABN AMRO and Ziggo.

Christiaan Verwijs is a freelance Scrum Master (PSM-III) and trainer. He brings a combined background in organizational psychology and software engineering to the table. As a Scrum Master, he has coached teams at ProRail, USG, HROffice, Kaarten Carrousel, Matchcare, Waterschap Aa & Maas and many others. Christiaan is an active member of the Scrum Community and shares his learnings on conferences and by writing blog posts.

Together, Barry and Christiaan are well-known in the Agile community. They speak at conferences, organize meetups and write a lot. Check out some of our blogposts:

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