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Derio (Vizcaya)
Fecha de inicio: 
03 de Diciembre (2019)
Fecha de finalización: 
04 de Diciembre (2019)
16h horas
9h – 17.30h
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1 250,00 € + IVA

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Tecnalia Edif 700
Arteaga Auzoa, 25
48160 Derio (Vizcaya)
Descripción del curso

In the Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS) Workshop, you will simulate a large software development project using the Nexus Framework. Through this hands-on case study, you will learn over 40 practices to reduce complexity and dependencies at scale. You will leave with the knowledge and tools necessary to scale Scrum to deliver an Integrated Increment every Sprint.

This experience will help you understand the techniques, philosophies, and challenges that Ken Schwaber and Scrum.org have learned through years of formulating and coaching Scrum projects in enterprises.

SPS is targeted at development leads and managers and anyone else involved in formulating, participating or managing scaled Scrum product development. Organizations are encouraged to send a team of people that will be (or already are) running large Scrum initiatives.

It is especially oriented to those who:

  • Already are effectively running small Scrum projects
  • Want to apply multiple Scrum teams to develop a large system or product
  • Managing scaled projects
  • Struggling with scaled projects

Learning Objectives

  • The new roles, artifacts and events of the Nexus Framework
  • How to organize several teams working on the same product so productivity is optimized
  • Practices that will help teams efficiently build an integrated software product
  • Techniques to detect irregularities and how to address them appropriately
  • Challenges in large-scale development initiatives and how to get back on track


  1. Introduction to the Nexus Framework
  2. Nexus in Action – How to meet common challenges
  3. Scale solidly with Nexus
  4. Nexus+

The Nexus Framework

Nexus Framework