Curso de certificación Professional Scrum Product Owner de Scrum.org

Nuestros formadores certificados Professional Scrum Trainer tienen una larga experiencia y han formado a cientos de profesionales. Somos partners oficiales de Scrum.org.

El curso Professional Scrum Product Owner es más prestigioso del mercado por:

  • El curso original creado por Ken Schwaber, inventor de Scrum y mantenido por una comunidad de más de 180 formadores PST.
  • Incluye 2 intentos para el examen de certificación PSPO I, el más exigente y reconocido por el mercado.
  • Da una visión potente de Scrum, del rol de Product Owner y de técnicas para la maximizar el valor y gestionar el desarrollo usando Scrum.
  • Es un curso altamente práctico, exigente para el candidato y lleno de trabajo en equipo.


 Próximos cursos

Fecha Categoria Ciudad Curso
02/03 Scrum Madrid Professional Scrum Product Owner
06/04 Scrum Barcelona Professional Scrum Product Owner


About the course [EN]

The Professional Scrum Product Owner provides both a solid foundation in Scrum and also in the basic principles and techniques of agile product management.

The course starts introducing the Scrum theory and deepening into the framework, presenting its roles, events, artifacts and rules. From this point on the course looks into how to use Scrum and agile product management principles, methods and tools to optimize the value delivered in the products and minimize their total cost of ownership (TCO).

The covers the contents of the Professional Scrum Product Owner I (PSPO I) and Professional Scrum Product Owner II (PSPO II) assessments, that are performed by the attendee after the course.

Attendees learn through the contents introduced by the teacher, discussed alongside with the attendees, and also by doing frequent and small exercices that enable the attendees to develop their own points of view and think about how to apply solutions back at their teams, and also what issues may arise.

Scrum.org ensures the course syllabus and contents are common and permanently updated, and also that only carefully selected and qualified trainers deliver the Professional Scrum Product Owner course. In turn, each instructor provides its own on-the-trenches experience and knowledge. The goal of this training experience is to be able to effectively apply Scrum and play the Product Owner role in the real environments and also to increase the chances of succeeding at the PSPO I and PSPO II assessments.

Course contents


This module explains how agile product management maximizes the value of the developed product, which is the role of the Product Owner and which benefit it provides to the organization. Some techniques useful to develop the product business model, value proposition or strategic alignment are also included.


This module focus on how to define and measure the added value, using a value-driven approach to the product management which usually beats the tradicional budget-driven approach. It also includes some Key Performance Indicators (KPI) useful in the agile product management.


This module introduces the Scrum theory which explains why this framework provides an effective approach to develop complex products and also for the organizational improvement.


This module deepens in the Scrum framework, including the description of its roles, artifacts, events and rules, and also its values and principles.


Backlog management is one of the main activities performed by the Product Owner. This module deepen in tool and practices useful to effectively manage the backlog and maximize the value delivered.


This modude present tool and techniques to plan and track the releases being developed for the customer.

About the trainer

Alex Ballarin has worked in software development since 1999. From 2004 has been helping teams and organizations to improve the results of their work, until 2009 in IBM Rational and his own consultancy using the traditional approach based on defining PMO, process and QA.

From 2009 he took the agile way to evolve traditional IT companies into agile organizations that improve their results through communication, value-orientation and bottom-up intelligence. Agile organizations that also provide a safe environment that increases engagement and personal growth for all their members.

He has trained hundreds of professionals in agility, Scrum and DevOps. He always learn a bit from the course attendees and puts focus on participation and feedback from them to create good learning experiences.

Alex is also professor at the UPC University in Barcelona in several programs:

  • Degree program: Agile software development
  • Postgraduate program: Agile, DevOps and Lean IT (director)
  • Postgraduate program: Lean Startup Creation
  • Master program: IT Project Management

Scrum.org certifications


Alex has performed courses, coachings and other agile services on many customers, including: